Viñedos verticales- La Raspa

Viñedos verticales- La Raspa


Blend van 80% Moscatel en 20% Doradilla. Aroma van overwegend witte bloemen, zacht kruidige toon met een lichte anijs toets en minerale achtergrond. In de mond, heel fris, intens en een aanhoudende, zilte afdronk. Match met Oosterse keuken!


Wijnhuis: VIÑEDOS VERTICALES uit Regio D.O. Sierras de Malaga

Serveertemperatuur: 6°C - 8°C, 13% VOL

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    Bodegas Viñedos Verticales – D.O. Malaga


    "Viñedos Verticales is the dream come true of two friends: Juan Muñoz, the 3rd generation of winegrowers and winemakers in the region and Vicente Inat, a winemaker with experience in several wine growing areas. In 2015 we began on this adventure, together with our families, with the idea of making wines that express the land where they are born.


    We are located in Moclinejo, a small town in Axarquía (Málaga), an area very close to the Mediterranean Sea, with old vineyards growing on vertiginous slopes of schists, phyllites and slate soils. The queen of our vines is the Muscat of Alexandria, along with other varieties such as Pero Ximén, Doradilla, Garnacha and Romé.


    Viticulture is still very traditional here, and heroic in its own way due to the steep rocky hillsides, creating an inseparable link between the land, the vineyards, and the mules."